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Buying Hand Select Koi

“ quality at a fraction of the normal price.”

If you cannot join us on the 2012 Koi Buying Tour, you can still benefit from the combined buying power of the tour group. We will select the fish you order and get them delivered for you.  Whether it is a single good Tosai, a show stopper Sansai or a whole collection of koi, we will select the fish for you and deliver it to your home anywhere in the world.  How they look

How it works

For the uninitiated, here is how it works to get your imported Koi at the very best price possible:

1.   You contact us by phone or email or Skype and give us your wish list. We will discuss your requirements and marry your expectations of size and quality with realities like and price and delivery costs. You need to specify your requirement and give us a budget. Things like variety, age (tosai, nisai, sansai etc) and sex may be specified. You may want your fish to come from a specific koi breeder in Japan or be of a specific bloodline. Please also make sure to specify “brood stock” if you want the fish for breeding – we are good at that. If you need assistance with these decisions, we are there to help you.

2.   Payment of your budget amount is required by cash deposit or bank transfer. The sooner the better, because your order can only be acknowledged when payment is received and we stick to a first come first choice policy. We cannot venture to negotiate on your behalf if we do not have the amount of cash in hand. We have to prepare to pay a deposit or loose the deal.

3.   In the case of high valued koi, pictures of the individual fish selected will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible for you to accept or reject.  This however may not be possible. You use an opportunity or loose it.

4.   Your fish will be brought to South Africa, quarantined for two weeks minimum, treated for parasites, tested for KHV and shipped to your address, if you so wish. Your budget must make provision for these expenses so that there will be no additional charges to surprise you.

5.   If you want your fish delivered to another country, we will do just than. Talk to us. Our agents are happy to accommodate you. We will also use our network to get assistance near you if needed.

Pricing guide

The following guide of typical koi sizes and prices may help you with preparing your budget,

  Tosai Nisai Sansai Yonsai
Age 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year
Size 15-25cm 25-40cm 40-60cm 60-80cm
Good Quality R500+ R2.5k+ R6k+ R10k+
Higher Quality R1k+ R7k+ R15k+ R35k+

Prices can vary greatly and there is hardly a limit to the prices of top quality fish. The size, age, quality, demand and age all plays a role. Prices are estimated for fish delivered in Johannesburg

Note: this is a GUIDE and NOT a price list. It may be valid for fish from average breeders, but some breeder's fish may be significantly more pricey.

Transport to Europe is significantly less, but then landed costs can vary depending on your location. Please ask.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work. read here

Pricing guide.  read here

I want to order. read the above and contact us 082 440 6770 or email

Breeders to choose from can be seen here

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Quarantine Procedure get more information

Risk of Disease get more information

Following our procedure your risk will be as low as the industry can promise or guarantee you. Read more...

Don't be afraid - we will guide you throughout the process. Just ..ASK


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