Sometime koi get unwell too...

Risk of Disease quality at a fraction of the normal price.

Risk of Disease
We are all aware of the spread of the KHV disease throughout the world and we understand the concerns of our customers. It is our opinion that the risk of buying Koi with KHV has decreased significantly because of counter measures that have been enforced throughout the supply chain. While the risk remains, we as suppliers will forever have to be responsible for limiting the risk to our clients.

Gone are the days you hide a state of disease and hope it will go away by itself. The industry has learnt though bitter experience that vigilance and best practice biosecurity measures works best. Official recognition of the problem is necessary and a trusted chain of supply is vital.

We are in regular contact with our two agents to keep abreast of developments in Japan and the rest of the world. Together we have worked out a strategy to minimize the risk of buying diseased fish. With the original supplier or breeder carrying the risk during the quarantine period at its destination, we are confidant that we can ensure the fish finally delivered to our customers will be as risk-free as ever possible. We follow the rules in such a way that suppliers will compensate for fish lost during delivery or quarantine.

Following our procedure your risk will probably be far less that buying koi from any other koi shop.

It is absolutely critical that all fish are quarantined and samples tested before integrating with your collection.


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