You are Cordially Invited to join us on a Tour of Japan

Every year we travel to Japan during the October/November koi harvest time. We give koi keepers the opportunity to select and buy koi from the best breeders in the world.
Alternatively, for you not so much interested in koi you can join the group of  adventurers who want to discover the wonders of Japan..



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No visit to Japan is complete without paying respects at Ground Zero, Peace Park, Hiroshima City.

At 08:15 August 6th, 1945, an atomic bomb exploded above the city of Hiroshima, incinerating bodies and buildings in an instant.
160,000 people were killed instantly and many more succumbed afterwards from injuries and radioactive fall-out. 

It is an emotional experience to walk from A-bomb Dome past various statues and memorial tombstones to the Memorial and Reference Museum. A once in a life time experience that every citizen of the world will value.

The Flame of Peace.

An overwhelming sense of sadness at human madness grips you.

Only a rock can leave this place unaffected.

Spend a night in a traditional Japanese onsen (spa hotel) Visit the koi museum in Ojiya City Travel at super speeds with the Shinkansen
Folklore has it that Confucius had a pet fish named Koi, and then one day he arrived in Japan Jonah-style. Meet the people of Japan Yamakoshi - the heartland of Nishikigoi

Buy koi from famous breeders

Enjoy their wide range of exquisite food
(No, we don't make you eat anything "strange")
Experience the awesome sight the Living Jewels of Japan in their natural habitat

Udon are thick noodles, native to Japan, made from wheat flower and presented in a variety of ways.  Kitsune Udon: "The Fox"; Tanuki Udon: "Japanese racoon" and Tsukimi Udon: "Viewing moon" Udon (with the yolk of an egg represents the moon) to name a few

Miyashima - The Island of God -
Experience the unique culture of Japan

Goju-no-to, the 5-storied pagoda in the background on the left is 27meter high and about 500 years old. 

Itsukushima Shrine. Work started 562AD, but was it rebuild 800 years ago as it stands today. 


The 0-torii (Grand Gateway) at Miyajima 
Nothing like beer and karaoke to banish travel  fatigue At the Naritasan monastery in November A Tokyo street

With that we say farewell to the Island of the Rising Sun.

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