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Japan Tour 2012 

“You have not seen the world if you have not been to Japan.”

The 2012 Tour Pricing is flexible and allows you to plan your tour to fit your busy schedule. Therefore pricing is based on a weekly fee and separate flight costs, per person sharing. 

We travel with Singapore Air but it is your choice to use another airline. Therefore it is important that we discuss your requirements, This we can do by email or telephone or Skype (audio or video)  We urge you to discuss with us. The provisional 2012 Schedule

Approximate 2012 Prices

Base price 9,700 900 940
Tour per Week 9,700 900 940
Return flight from South Africa with Singapore Airline 12,800    
Return flight from London with Singapore Airline   995  
Return flight from Amsterdam with Singapore Airline     1,300

PRICES are per person sharing and subject to change due to  exchange rate and the like, but at the time of your booking and paying of deposit, prices will be fixed . Prices of economy seats are given, but other configurations are your choice. (* GBP and EUR prices as a guide only, subject to change, actual exchange rates will apply at the time)

At any time you may find cheaper or more expensive flight rate. This is not because we are dumb or smart, but because that is just the way the industry operates. DO not hesitate for a good deal. tomorrow it might be gone, but do take a close look at the fine print.

EXTRAS Prices are for good standard business hotels. If you require more luxurious and/or western style hotels, please talk to us. Rail Pass and Entrance Fees to some events of own choice are not included. These amounts are normally not more than R4000-R8000, but will be included in the final invoice once we have consulted with you. You can settle the airfare and rail pass with the booking agent directly by credit card or fund transfer. It is your option. 

A DEPOSIT equal to the above Base Price is required at the time of making your booking. However if you want us to also make the flight booking the ruling airline ticket price will be charged at this time. 

For REFUNDS see our terms and conditions.

Example 1. You are in Johannesburg and want us to arrange everything for a two week tour. The cost of the tour to you will be Base Price (R9700) plus Two Weeks Tour (2 x R 9700 = R19,400) plus Air Ticket (R12,800) plus the Airline Agent fee (R450) which adds to R42,350. You depart 12th or 19th October 2012 to join us and will be back home Friday 26th or 2nd November 2012. .

Example 2. You are in United Kingdom and want a three week tour with us. You negotiate prices and buy air tickets yourself because you have plenty of Voyager air miles available. The cost of the tour to you will be Base Price (£900) plus Three Weeks Tour (3 x £900 = £2700) This adds to £3600 plus anything you might have to pay for the ticket. You depart for Fukuoka on the 12th October to join us and will be back homer Friday 2th November 2012.  

Example 3. You are in Belgium and only can spare one week in Japan. You buy your own air ticket. The cost of the tour to you will be Base Price (€940) plus One Week Tour (1 x €940 = €940) This adds to €1880 plus anything you might have to pay for the ticket. You depart for Fukuoka or Narita on the best date to join us. You talk to us.

What to do next?
Contact us by email, phone, fax or Skype (audio or video or instant messaging)
Discuss your requirements
We will send you detail and an proforma invoice for the deposit. (or buy a Deposit Voucher at the shop)
Once we receive the deposited, then your place is reserved.
From then on you will be updated as time goes by and will be prompted for complete payment when required.

To book your place on the 2012 Japan Tour local patrons can deposit the due amount to KoiNet at ABSA account no 911 457 6249 branch code 632005 and forward the proof of payment to or fax 086 518 8568 or mobile 082 440 6770. Tour Bookings can also be bought on out online shop Deposits will be fully refunded if we are unable to accommodate you. From elsewhere please contact us.

International Travelers Since a large portion of the tour price is airfare, international visitors have to make their own way to Singapore or Japan to join the group.  The tour price to you, excluding the flights component, will depend on your choice of tour.  Please contact us so we can open discussions on how best to accommodate you. We would like to have you on board.

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