Size is a factor to consider...

Quantity in a Box

...fill up the box if you can."

Quantity in a box is a function of the size and condition of the fish.

How it works

The quantity of fish in a box is determined by the agent and buyer who considers the size of the fish, and condition of fish, time in transit and time of year amongst other things.  He considers the option of box sizes (normally two or three) as well as the expected temperature en rout and at destination.

The following guide of typical koi sizes and box quantities are approximately valid for traveling to South African. To Europe we can load 10 to 20% more fish in a box..

Quantity guide


Size, cm Quantity per Box
15-20 20-25
20-25 12-20
25-30 6-10
30-35 4-5
35-40 3-4
40-55 1-2
55+ 1


A box typically weights 16 to 20 kg, Large fish may require special packing. Weight is then also a function of their body condition as developing gonads can contribute to 20% of the body weight.

On smaller fish the size, mix of sizes and body condition plays a big role. It varies 30-100 small fish.

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