If you answer "Yes" to any of these, call the

  • Are you experiencing "green water" & algae problems?

  • Can you not see the bottom of your koi pond?

  • Does you Koi display any of the following symptoms?

  • Flash against objects

    Tuck in their fins

    Jump excessively

    Lie at the bottom of the pond

    Swim irregular patterns

    Gape at the water surface

    Physical injuries or parasites

    Lie on their sides

    Behave lethargic

    Sick and emaciated

    • Are you planning a new Koi pond?

    • Make alterations to an existing pond?

    • Do you want someone to care for you Koi?

    • Need advice on anything Koi?

    • Need speedy delivery of Koi, food and accessories?

    Then call the only professional Koi consultant in Town

    More than 18 years experience in the Koi industry!

    talk to Elsabé Breytenbach - 082-550-4148

    E-mail: koi@telkomsa.net

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