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Dainida Koi Farm has won acclaim and recognition both in and outside of South Africa. We know that we still have a long road ahead. We dedicate most of our efforts to breeding Kohaku. This variety more than any other combines beauty and simplicity in a unique way. Kohaku are rightfully called the pinnacle of Koi keeping and indeed of any Koi collection.

Our brood stock come from Japan and were selected with special care. Yamatake Koi Farm is the home of most of our Kohaku brood stock where Katsushi Takeda has been combining the delicate skin pattern and scalation of Dainichi Kohaku with the vigour and growth potential of the Sensuke bloodline from Sakai in Hiroshima. Takeda-san is more than an excellent teacher he is a mentor and lifelong friend.

Our philosophy is breeding excellent Koi in small numbers. We do not buy and sell our Koi are all bred and raised with care in the 4,500 m2 ground and cement ponds. The selection may not be unlimited but we know we are not vulnerable to the whim and destruction of disease outbreaks. You may be surprised by the other Koi varieties we have in stock, so try us first. For instance we have a pure bloodline of Akame Kigoi, rare red-eye albino Ki-(yellow) Koi, very rare and a special beauty.  We are looking at ways of making our Koi available in larger numbers without compromising on care, quality of health.


Many have asked what our name Dainida means. The name is a composite of three characters each symbolizing what Dainida Koi Farm represents to us:

DAI means big, not in size or volume, but in quality and integrity and dedication. Beauty is a road, not just a destination. We intend growing in wisdom and inner strength and in the appreciation of the beautiful things in life including Koi.

NI is the Japanese name for the number two. We accept that with regards to Koi we will remain second to the Japanese. If we momentarily achieve the same degree of excellence we will fulfill a dream. We also accept that Man did not come first, but his Creator. Lastly we accept that there are values higher than Koi people are after all the pinnacle of the creation, and humane and family values take priority above a admittedly beautiful pastime.

DA is a paddy field or cultivated land. We dream of living by working our fields, albeit under water, to earn a living for ourselves, our family and those who work for us and for those who share this road with us.

Our beginnings were a modest backyard fun-breeding exercise that grew in passion and dimensions over the years. The passion remains the mainstay of the breeding peeping at those wonderful colours emerging from the ponds is nothing short of magic, and breeding them the essence of being part of the creation of beauty. Now, 15 years after the first planned spawning and 10 years since starting a formal dedicated breeding and raising facility approaching 44 ponds (10 cement ponds, 15 ground ponds, 6 liner ponds and 13 hatchery pond under construction) we are slowly starting to see the results of a breeding programme that aspires to emulate the best.


We are in the midst of expanding our network of ground ponds to include a hatchery that will make us independent from the unpredictable cold spells in spring and prolonging the growing season for our fry. The severe Free State winters are one of the reasons we produce a special Hi that matures well, but at the cost of slower growth (not unlike Niigata, some would say). These expansions mean more Koi for you to select from and ultimately better quality Koi all around (I love this bit!).

At the same time we are automating the feeding on the farm to mimic the natural feeding pattern of Koi eating small volumes of food frequently. Watch this space for the results

Lastly we are in the process of establishing a photographic record of each Koi above 25 cm on the farm to be able to track offspring and to document growth rates. This additional information is important to you as a collector or would-be breeder and for us to select the Koi with optimal growth potential from the offspring of the parents.


You will be joining the ranks of collectors and breeders both locally an internationally who treasure their Dainida Koi. Collectors, breeders and judges from South Africa, the UK and Japan have had some nice things to say about us. Watch the Hi mature into rich, bright and luxurious tones of red as the Koi mature year on year.

You may call at our farm where James is always willing to help you, but if you want the special beauties contact us by e-mail or cell phone and let us know what you have in mind. We will forward you a selection of photos to chose from. Our website koi_online.co.za is under construction but will hopefully become functional early in the new year then we will have special offers every fortnight and a new selection of beauties to chose from. Remember the family bit? You guessed it we are closed on Sundays but can arrange for you to pick up pre-selected Koi if the need arises.

Our Koi mature well the growing number of winners at local shows bear testimony to this. Moreover our Koi give endless pleasure to many collectors. But lastly and most importantly we have made the greatest of Koi friends all over.

Yours in Koi,

Pierre Jordaan and the Dainida Koi fraternity.

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